Windows Server 2012 Released in August 2012! Want a sneak peek…?

13 Jul

You maybe wondering what the heck Windows 2012 release has to do with my blog.  Well for starters, SQL Server is mainly installed on Windows; bet you didn’t see that coming! Part of any good DBA’s skill set is that they have some understanding of how Windows Server works and can install and configure it quite well. It is also essential to understand the licensing structure and cost so you know how much money you are going to dish out to buy that new server you want. Knowing costs also helps when budgeting and planning for upgrades, etc.

Yesterday we went through a Disaster Recovery exercise at work and I was happy to have an understanding of how to configure inbound firewall rules and check to make sure SQL ports were properly configured. It saved us time on having to rely on the member from our OPS team to do it.  She had other remote desktop sessions open and we were all frustrated so I hope that taking some of the load helped make things faster and less frustrating for others.

There are so many other benefits to understanding about the Operating System that your DBMS is running are but I’m sure you’re not interested in hearing a lecture. The information about the RC and Licensing is below.  Once I get my computer up and running (motherboard is damaged from heat) I’ll be sure to try this out in a VM with SQL 2012 on it. Should be exciting! Until that happens, probably 2-3 months from now, if anyone has tried it out please share your feedback and thoughts.

Take a sneak peak with the Release Candidate Download and Licensing Information.

To Download the Release Candidate click here

To Download/View the Licensing & Pricing FAQ click here

There is also a nice article on CNet with a good looking table that has pricing laid out on it. It might be a little quicker to go through if you’re in a hurry. Click here for it.

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