I’m speaking at SQL Server Saturday #233 – Washington DC!

18 Nov
I’m speaking at SQL Server Saturday #233 – Washington DC!

It’s that time of the year again when SQL Saturday makes its way back to the Washington DC Area. Here is a link to register and to get all the details you need I hope to meet a lot of new SQL Server professionals this year. Last year, I met a gentleman that now works with me, so as you can see networking pays off 🙂

Now this year’s SQL Saturday is a little different for me because I will be one of the speakers! I am very excited, as well as a little nervous.  I think having some nervousness helps me prepare because I mentally tell myself “makes sure you know what you are talking about so you don’t look like an idiot!” My topic will be about the fundamentals of Backup and Recovery with SQL Server.  It is targeted towards beginners and here is a brief abstract:

Backup and Recovery are essential parts of and DBA’s job. After all, if you lose your data you lose your job so you need a great backup strategy. In this session we will cover Recovery Models, Backup Types, Backup Strategy, Restores, RTO, RPO, and understanding how your Transaction Log is maintained through backups.

Finally, I wanted to share my thoughts on some of the other interesting sessions that are being held that I will be trying to attend. My disclaimer is that there are so many really great sessions that it is almost impossible to pick sometimes.

8:30am Session – I’m torn between attending Allan Hirt’s session “SQL Server Dos and Dont’s” and Carlos Chacon’s session “Judge, Jury, and Executioner – A First look at Execution Plans”. I’m afraid of what I would hear in Allan’s session in regards to all the Dont’s that I might be committing 🙂 The session Carlos is running is interesting because I feel like I could use a little more formal training with execution plans because there is always something new to learn there. I’ve got a few weeks to decide on which one I’m going to drop in on.

9:45am Session – For this time slot I’m going with the session by Shannon Lowder titled “OnPremise to Azure.” Azure is definitely the latest and greatest in terms of Microsoft’s Cloud Computing offerings. In the summer, I attended a one day session at Microsoft’s Reston VA Office which covered the infrastructure side of going from OnPremise to Azure. I’m looking forward to getting more information on the database side of things.

11:00am Session – It’s pretty obvious that I’ll be attending the Backup and Recovery Fundamentals session during this time slot since I’ll be presenting it 🙂 There are other fantastic sessions during this time. Last year I attended sessions by Wayne Sheffield and Mike Walsh, both are great speakers with great topics.  If I had my pick and I wasn’t presenting, then I would go with Wayne’s session on “Crazy Things That Developers Do.” I’m curious as to what crazy things I should be looking for in my system.

2:00pm Session – After lunch time I’m going to have to decide between learning about Data Mining with Mark Hudson or taking a Indexing Deep Dive with Kevin Boles.  Steve Jones’ session about Dream Job branding sounds pretty interesting as well if you’re looking for something non-technical.  I’m leaning more toward the deep dive and swimming in a sea of information about Indexes.

3:15pm Session – Finally, at the end of the day I’m going to finish off with Grant Fritchey’s session titled “Tune Queries by Fixing Bad Parameter Sniffing.” I think it’s a great way to end the day but figuring out how I can fix my queries Monday morning.  Tim Radney is giving a session on TempDB during the same time, I attended one of his session’s last year and he’s a great speaker.  Maybe if he gives me a free book like last year I might be tempted to to switch over 🙂 TempDB is an interesting topic.

To be honest, there are tons of great sessions and I wish I could somehow divide myself up and attend all of them.  At the end of the day, I’m looking to beef up on some of the development side which is why I’m targeting the sessions geared towards Development. I love the DBA and BI work more, but sometimes you have to reach out and learn new things to stay sharp in your current area.

I hope to see you all there and I hope that you enjoy my session at 11am.


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