SQL Server Internals Presentation Double Time!

22 Apr
SQL Server Internals Presentation Double Time!

I’ll be doing double time over the next two weeks with Two Presentations on SQL Server Internals. It is essentially just a repeat of the same presentation but with two chances to attend 🙂

Here are the details of the timings for both presentations:

April 29th @ 12 Noon EST – Dell Software
I will only cover the first half of the slides during this time slot
Click here to Register

May 6th @ 12 Noon EST  – PASS DBA Fundamentals Virtual Chapter
Click here to Register

Here is a copy of the abstract:

Come meet the Internals of SQL Server at this special get-together! In this presentation we will cover the basics of data storage and querying with SQL Server. We will cover how data is stored in pages and extents and how that translates to data reads/writes with the storage system. Additionally, we will explore how different queries are processed by SQL Server and how the query life cycle works in general. Finally we will cover disk storage and memory and tie it all together. This session is intended to be broad and to give a general overview of how a query is processed in SQL Server and how storage and memory play a part in that. Everyone is invited to this introductory level presentation and should be appealing to DBAs, DB & BI Developers and System Administrators. Party hats not included, rated G for Geeks.


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