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Working at Microsoft – A Year in Reflection

Working at Microsoft – A Year in Reflection

Last year after starting my new job with Microsoft as a Senior Consultant I wrote an article about my interviewing experience with many companies during my tenure at my last employer (Click here for article).  I realized it is now time to talk about my journey to Microsoft.

It has been a very busy year for me both on the personal and career front.  Having four growing boys is not an easy task to manager; I end up breaking fights regularly over who squirted who first with a water pistol.  Never-the-less it is exciting to be a father!  My year has been an interesting one of challenges and growth career wise. I spent a good number of years and several interviews in order to finally land a job at Microsoft. One of my interviews was with a SQL MCM which went decently well. Although I did not have all the answers for him, he appreciated my enthusiasm and method of trying to solve problems with the knowledge I have.

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