SQL Server 2016: A Comprehensive Introduction – Arabic

26 Apr

It has been over a year since I have blogged, I know… that’s a long time!  I have not retired, but rather focused on other parts of my life and career and I hope to get back to blogging.  One of my major focuses for the last year was a new course on SQL Server 2016 in Arabic, a training course that’s almost 15 hours long.  The team at MySkill4Afrika (Microsoft) and the Microsoft Virtual Academy have helped in the production of this course and I want to thank them for their tremendous efforts.

Previously, two courses were launched one for SQL 2012 and one for SQL 2014 BI via my personal YouTube Channel. With more than 150,000 views and more than 500,000 minutes watched we decided that it was worthwhile to start investing in a new course; hence the development for this latest series.

Just so you understand, all of the recording was done in Microsoft’s Technology Center in Malvern, PA (just outside of Philadelphia).  The content editing was done by myself as I am the only person with both the technical and linguistic knowledge in the group.  The rest of the editing/formatting/cleaning up, etc was done by our team in South Africa. The supervision was under our team in Egypt. The final walk-through was done by my brother, a SQL PFE also working for Microsoft.  It was truly a worldwide effort and I’m proud to present it to the SQL Community.

Click Here for the Content

Course Title “SQL Server 2016: A Comprehensive Introduction – Arabic

  1. An introduction to SQL Server 2016 – Arabic
  2. Foundations for Data: Install and Configuration – Arabic
  3. Foundations for Data: SQL Server Internals– Arabic
  4. Foundations for Data: Data Files, FileGroups and TempDB – Arabic
  5. Foundations for Data: Transaction Log Files – Arabic
  6. Development Foundations: Development Basics – Arabic
  7. Development Foundations: Indexing Fundamentals – Arabic
  8. Server Administration Foundations: Backup and Recovery Fundamentals – Arabic
  9. Server Administration Foundations: Security Architecture Basics – Arabic
  10. Advanced Administration Topics: Auditing & Transparent Data Encryption – Arabic
  11. Advanced Administration Topics: Row Level Security & Always Encrypted and Dynamic Data Masking – Arabic
  12. Advanced Administration Topics: AlwaysOn – Arabic
  13. Advanced Development Topics: Table Partitioning – Arabic
  14. Advanced Development Topics: Temporal Tables – Arabic
  15. Advanced Development Topics: Query Store – Arabic
  16. Advanced Development Topics: Locking and Concurrency – Arabic
  17. Advanced Development Topics: Columnstore Indexes – Arabic
  18. Advanced Development Topics: In-Memory OLTP – Arabic
  19. Advanced Development Topics: Stretch Database – Arabic

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2 responses to “SQL Server 2016: A Comprehensive Introduction – Arabic

  1. mohamed Abdalla

    August 26, 2020 at 12:05 AM

    Can I have slides and codes for this courses



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