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Why SQL Server Professionals should love Windows 8

Why SQL Server Professionals should love Windows 8

Alright, I’ve got your attention. You’re probably thinking “who is this crazy guy that is using the word Love with Windows 8 in the same sentence?” Honestly though, I have not had many problems with Windows 8 and I’ve been happy running it for a long time. I’m actually disappointed that I don’t have Windows 8 at my job, so I can only use it at home. It has been extremely beneficial for me for my SQL Server related work. Why? And why am I stalling to answer your question? And why am I going to change the subject to Hyper-V?

If you’re still reading, then great, you’ve got the patience for what is coming next. Windows 8 Pro includes a Hyper Visor in it (Hyper-V to be exact).  I’m not talking about software to connect to virtual environments, I’m talking about an actual Hyper Visor that allows you to create and manage virtual machines.  Once you enable the option you’re ready to go after a restart, it’s that simple.

So what does this have to do with me as a SQL Server Professional? Well, how else are you going to build your own lab environment at home or at work where you can play around, build and break things, and be your own domain admin (warning: power may go to your head on that last one). It’s all part of your life long learning journey and your drive to become a better SQL Server Professional and get the latest and greatest version on your machine to test out without ruining your OS. It so happens that I’m a nice guy, and I’ll show you how to get your environment setup and how to create “templates” for future VMs with this Hyper-V Tricks for the SQL Professional Video I put together.

Are you ready to push SQL Server to it’s limits, test things you’ve never tested before, build and break environments without losing your job? If the answer is yes then this video is for you! When you’re done with this video make sure you check out my Virtual SQL Server Lab with Clustering post to enhance your own Virtual playground.

PowerShell Scripts mentioned in video (Remember to rename your VM if you like and to change the paths to match your setup):

new-vm -Name “SQLPS” -MemoryStartupBytes 2048MB -Path R:\HyperV\

new-vhd -ParentPath “R:\HyperV\SQL 2012 Template\SQL2012 Template Drive.vhdx” -Path R:\HyperV\SQLPS\SQLPS.vhdx -Differencing

Add-VMHardDiskDrive -VMName SQLPS -Path “R:\HyperV\SQLPS\SQLPS.vhdx”


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SQL Server 2012 Virtual Lab with Clustering using Hyper-V

SQL Server 2012 Virtual Lab with Clustering using Hyper-V

After having a great opportunity to attend a Beta course for Hyper-V with Windows 2012 at Learning Tree, I decided to finally do what I have been planning to do for a while; build a fully working SQL Server Clustered Virtual Lab.

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Running a SQL Server Environment at Home Using Native Boot Virtual Hard-Drives (VHD)

Running a SQL Server Environment at Home Using Native Boot Virtual Hard-Drives (VHD)

I’ve run into a road block. As a Microsoft Certified Trainer, I have all the software I need to get hands on with SQL Server. I even have Virtual Hard Drives (VHDs) that I can download directly from Microsoft; there are even publicly available ones HERE. My problem is on the hardware end. Since I’m not a millionaire that can throw money around and buy an entirely new server to put Windows Server on with SQL Server, I had to find another way… and I did 🙂

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Windows Server 2012 Released in August 2012! Want a sneak peek…?

You maybe wondering what the heck Windows 2012 release has to do with my blog.  Well for starters, SQL Server is mainly installed on Windows; bet you didn’t see that coming! Part of any good DBA’s skill set is that they have some understanding of how Windows Server works and can install and configure it quite well. It is also essential to understand the licensing structure and cost so you know how much money you are going to dish out to buy that new server you want. Knowing costs also helps when budgeting and planning for upgrades, etc. Read the rest of this entry »

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