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Azure Security Group Automation [Guest Post]

Azure Security Group Automation [Guest Post]

Mission Statement

In this blog post by our guest author (@islamtg) we are going to discuss how to automatically update an Azure AD Security Group. This can be useful for something like Power BI where we have a security group that has specific permissions on a service. Through this will will try to address the following topics:

  • Eliminating the manual task of adding users to a security group.
  • Eliminating the process of manually cleaning up inactive users and invalid (or no longer valid) emails addresses.
  • Create an email clean up list that can be sent to the admins on a daily basis which can then be automated to clean up bad emails.
  • Creating an automated process for multiple security groups.
    • Create a read only security group on a particular service, a server admin security group.
    • Add users to a group that is assigned a specific license.
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